HELLO starving readers!!( I know you can't wait to nourish more your mind with some fashion rice krispies)

GOOD MORNIN' , in Italy it's actually late morning but since I haven't star my school , I'm defending my ''chillin' time'' and sleep as a true princess should!! I decided that, in order to start new, I have to confess my FASHION SINS!! yes, I have some, and I regret them all, but all of us have our little skeletons in the closet, right?! (please tell me I'm right...lol...)
So here we go:
1.I didn't renew my subscription to Vogue Italia 'cause I was a little disappointed by the last few issues.
2. I still look on the abercrombie.com site, I have an obsession with the Preppy/ Commercial style, and I currently want more little lace-tanks,(they are soo cute under the hoodieee!! ); furthermore I dream that I have bigger boobs to fill them, but Mothernature bless me with a ''heavenly kate-moss-like chest''.
3.I buy some clothes in chinese shops,( I know it's terrrible but they are soo cheap and their clothes are pretty :) ) ; then I also navigate betwenn payless and target , I love to find cool things at low price, but unfortunately, since I live in Italy I can't get any of their products :(
4.the cold season is comin' but I want to buy clogs, I should have bought them this summer but this last obsession hit me recently...so what can I do to get rid of it?!!? BUY IT!! <3
5.and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, at the magical NUMBER FIVE (something tell me.. chanel!? ), I am a SHOPPING-ADDICTED!! that's a characteristic that I have inherited from my mum and my grandma, so perhaps it's not a real sin since it's in the family DNA, probably instead of having a XX gene a have a gene looking like Andy wharol (I love also him) and one looking like Karl Lagerfeld...nice couple, right!?

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