hi! today I'd like to focus my blog on a theme nowadays very Fashion: Androgyny...In the 1980s, androgynous musicians - Boy George, David Bowie, and Prince - made headlines as they captured the world's fascination with sexual ambiguity. Perceived as a worldwide idol, Michael Jackson personifies androgyny with his falsetto voice and effeminate manners. Since the 1980s, Hollywood has produced movies depicting sensuous beauties - Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill - as intelligent, tough, and strong adversaries in leading role

Then the fashion world took advantage of androgyny, celebrating fashion designers as Helmut Lang, Giorgio Armani, Pierre Cardin, for their unisex-styled clothes. Plus Androgynous models steal the limelight on the fashion catwalk and glossy ad campaigns. 

The fashion designer J.W.Andreson took a new road creating a collection that both woman and man can wear, this happened for the A-W Collection 2011

           As trace of the Androgyny trend let's take a look a the cover of Dazed'n'Confused of 2009
In the model worlds androgyny meant success for Agyness Deyn, Freja Beha Erichsen, Andrej Pejic, who's a man.

Andrej Pejic

 Freja Beha Erichsen

...without forgetting the transgender Lea-T, the muse of Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy's art director), who's getting more and more involved in the fashion world, leaving the world without breath on the cover of LOVE SS 2011, with Kate Moss

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